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Becoming a Member is simple

What is a Private Membership Association? 

There are various types of private associations that operate in a manner as to keep private business and private activities a contractual matter between the association and the members.

These associations are founded upon the principle that we have an unalienable right to assemble, and activities within the association are exempt from public regulations.  A Private Membership Association is simply a group of people collectively exercising their right to assemble and do business in private.  

Only members can purchase tickets to our monthly Supper Club Dinner Party Events. 

To become a member, please select the option below, agree to our terms and conditions, and pay the one-time $20 membership fee. 

You will then receive the link to reserve tickets for our Members-only Supper Club Dinner Party Events. 

Sweetwater Supper Club Membership



Valid until canceled

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