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Dine With Us! 

Supper Club Dinner Parties

The pinnacle of our offerings!

Enjoy elegantly presented multi-course dinners prepared by artisan chefs, highlighting exquisite flavors and creative combinations of local ingredients.


Live music and professional wait staff make these events a unique experience that you won't soon forget! 

Single servings of select spirits and wines may be provided to pair with certain courses. You are welcome to BYO wine to enjoy throughout the evening.

Only Members of Sweetwater Supper Club may book tickets to our monthly Dinner Party events. 

Upcoming Events

Saturday June 29th ~ Cajun Night! 

6:00pm at Sweetwater Escape Garden Venue

Featuring Chef Louisiana Johnny 

The tradition of Cajun cooking goes back generations. It is a method that has been passed down over decades thru family lineages. More than just recipes ~ it is a culture of cooking. A culture of gathering, connecting, and preparing food that absorbs the energy of community and nourishes both the body and the soul.


Our celebration of fellowship and food with be further blessed by the duo of musicians Colette and Michael Floyd, bringing their rich and soulful original music to warm our hearts while our bellies get filled!

Tickets: $120


Our Menu will include: 


  • Fried Alligator Nuggets with homemade remoulade sauce 

  • Duck, Tasso, and Smoked Pork Sausage Gumbo  ~ Roux based type of soup with the holy trinity onion bell pepper celery cooked down to a rich consistency with the addition of duck, tasso, and home-smoked pork sausage and spices. Served, according to tradition, with a scoop of cold potato salad and rice

  • Crawfish Corn Maque Choux ~ Fresh cut sweet corn simmered down in a butter cream sauce with fresh tomatoes, the holy trinity and crawfish tails, stirred and simmered, to a creamed corn consistency and served with fresh green onions and parsley 

  • Shrimp and Crabmeat Etouffee ~ Tomato and cream based sauce with the holy trinity, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, and shrimp, simmered down and served over rice and paired with Maque Choux 

  • Beignets with a Bourbon Café au lait

Meet Your Chef

Chef Lousiana Johnny

For me, cooking started when I was big enough to stand at the pot and hold a spoon. 


As a young boy I got encouragement and experience at the men’s gatherings, where men would get together and play cards, make music, and talk. And cook. 

As a young boy I got to go to these gatherings and stir the pot, then as I got older I was allowed to chop vegetables, and eventually progress to joining in on cooking the meal.


We had regular get togethers at grandma and grandpa’s house ~ I was the firstborn grandson, and my grandpa pretty much raised me.  Grandpa was a cook in the army and offshore on the gulf. He just loved to cook. And fish and hunt and cook off the land. He taught me respect, how to use it, nourish all of it, leave it like you found it. 


On Summer Sunday’s at grandpas the men would gather at the outdoor kitchen, cook, and talk, and play music. Most of the time the women and children would be off to the side. Once the meal was ready everybody would integrate, the children and women would eat, then the men would come in and join them. Everything centered around the food, the cooking process. 


As I grew older I held on to that. Cooking was a way to stay connected. So I make the same meals that my grandpa and great-grandpa made. 


I make them the same way today. All traditional Cajun cooking ~ what people make at home from what they have. The way they’ve been doing for 100s of years. Basic simple ingredients put together in a way that just makes you feel good. 


Food and cooking is more about connection and community. Doing it alone is not that much fun. But doing it with people, for people, together ~ that’s what makes it meaningful. 

Next Up
Save the Dates!
More Details to be Announced Soon

July 27th 
Tapas and Wine

7 courses of Tapas style dishes, prepared over an open fire, with wine pairings from a local winemaker
Featuring Chefs Iona Jones and Joseph Dogoli

August (date TBD)
Appalachian Luau

Featuring Chef Derek Visser

September 7th
Garden Gastronomy:
A Culinary Tour through Summer’s Bounty

Featuring Chef Sarah Beth Long

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